10 Top Ways To Beat Those Temptations and Stay on Track

Over half of us experience food cravings

Spring is almost officially here, the birds are singing and the sun is shining ...and everywhere you look the stores are stuffed with Easter things! Chocolate eggs, bunnies, more eggs, and more bunnies.

How will you stand it?

Never fear: You can do it.

Just use a few of these basic tips.

  1. Keep portion sizes in the forefront of your goals. If you're going to cheat, say with something like this mammoth sized chocolate bar, below, break it down, store it in your XL lidded container, and portion your cheats in the same way you portion your meals.
  2. Plan your meals in advance. A little bit of effort up front helps you stay on track throughout the week. Get an extra set or two of bento box lunch containers and they double as storage.
  3. Avoid cravings. Check out our 8 top tips.
  4. Eat smaller, more frequent meals, and you can avoid going hungry. Life is pretty busy these days, but when we let blood-sugar levels get too low we all make poor decisions. Avoid this by toting your meals and always having a healthy snack on hand.
  5. Drink water. Often you can make cravings subside by drinking a full glass of cool water. Water is the solution to about 90% of headaches, too, as most are caused by dehydration.
  6. Keep focussed on your goals. Pin up images that make you feel positive about yourself, and turn to them when you feel like giving in, or giving up.
  7. Get a handle on stress. Recent studies show there is a direct correlation between cortisol levels and obesity. Researchers note that even simply being aware of this connection can help you eat less.
  8. Eat lean protein at every meal and it will help avoid cravings and feelings of hunger between meals. Look to eat a balance of protein, good fats, and low glycemic-index carbohydrates (i.e., avoid the white stuff).
  9. Get enough, regular sleep. Appetite is regulated by hormones that fluctuate throughout the day, and irregular or lack of sleep affects these shifts profoundly. You're more likely to fall off the wagon when you're sleep-deprived, and there is a connection between poor sleep and obesity.
  10. Check out our Portion Perfect recipe ideas for inspiration and support from our growing community!

Most important, remember, it's better to fall off the plan and get back on, than it is to take a slow drip of anything, for your teeth, your brain, your blood sugar level—of any added sugars, sodas, etc.

Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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