Potluck the Easy Way

One of the many ways you can use your Portion Perfect Weight Loss System as a way to prepare and store your food, with our Prep N' Store extra set of lidded containers, even potlucks are a perfect breeze

With our Prep N' Store set, even potlucks are a breeze

We normally use the Prep N' Store lidded containers from our Portion Perfect Weight Loss Program to store food that's prepped and ready to go. But with our Prep N' Store set, even potlucks are a breeze.

Shown here, our Salade Niçoise: cherry tomatoes, russet potatoes, Kalamata olives, and finely chopped scallions, ready for toting to a friend's weekend barbecue.

Leave the ingredients individually in your bento containers, with dressing on the side, for guests to enjoy buffet-style. It's a perfect side for accompanying grilled fare, is easily a meal in itself (potlucks not necessary), and will keep well longer on warm days than a mixed salad.

Here's to a lovely summer!

Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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