Transitioning to the Portion Perfect System

portion, perfect, bento, bentology, chicken, healthy, whole grains, salad, leaves, tangerine, bookYou've just gotten your Portion Perfect Weight Loss Kit and you're totally psyched but also a little overwhelmed... Not to worry—it's so easy. Start where you are and let us walk you through it.

For the first week, eat what you normally would; just use your containers to portion servings for each meal and snack—trying to stick with appropriate amounts from each of the food groups.

Once you get used to the serving sizes—about a week or two—you'll be well on your way to training yourself to visually record the quantities of each food group. Your next step is to stick with eating from the basic food groups and preparing your own meals to the chemicals found in processed foods. Sooon enough, it won't feel so strange or odd at all to eat, “that many” potatoes, or “that many” grains (as in, the small roll, pictured above).

The beauty of the Portion Perfect System is that you're eating your way towards better health and laying the groundwork for a lifetime of good habits. Before long, you'll be following the plan without even thinking about it. 

With your newfound freedom you can focus instead on new projects or taking up that hobby you've been putting off since forever... of course, that all comes after your 30 minutes a day of exercise—something we promise you'll never regret doing!  

Ready to start adding whole foods to your diet but not sure where to begin? We've got you covered—read on to get the details on simple and tasty lunch shown above.   


  • Organic roasted chicken breast
  • Salad of baby organic greens and radishes with vinaigrette dressing
  • Sourdough loaf with sesame and sunflower seeds
  • Tangerine

Your future health and well-being thanks you!

It's not three weeks or even six: the latest research says it takes 66 days to make and set a new habit and make it a permanent fixture in your life. That may sound like a long time but your health is worth it... and it'll fly by - we promise!

portion, perfect, bento, bentology, chicken, healthy, whole grains, salad, leaves, tangerine, book

Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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