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bentology, bento, laptop, lunches, lunch, box, boxes, containers, ideas, laptop lunches, kale, veggies, healthy, nutritious, chips, strips, oil, saltWant to make changes to a more nutritious diet and improve your health but not sure how or where to start? 

Start where you are. 

But make some shifts. 

Head in the direction of the whole-food, anti-inflammatory diet endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil—who can count Oprah and Dr. Oz among his fans—following your proper portions designed in your Portion Perfect Weight Loss Plan.

Let your bento help you with inspiration, meal ideas and portion control. 

Let's face it, the ideal diet is about 80% vegetables.

Say you're somewhere a bit lower than that and need to make some changes. 

How To:

If you do nothing else, make a shift for the month of January to embrace the green leafies:  Find ways to work in green, leafy vegetables like kale and spinach into what you're eating now and you've made a great start to putting the best fuel you can into your body. 

Work greens into salads, sandwiches, wraps, and if you haven't yet, try out kale chips, which are surprisingly good and can be sprinkled with any number of great spices before cooking.

Shown above: kale leaves stripped from their stalks, rubbed with extra-virgin olive oil and Maldon sea salt, and ready for the oven. Find out how here, which also contains our menu for Bagel Buffet with baked salmon, eggs, cream cheese

Storage Tips:

Got leftover dressed salad?

People often toss their leftover dressed salads after a meal, thinking of the wilt factor—they're right about salads with delicate leaves, which wilt quickly after dressing. But kale, spinach and other hearty leaves will hold up well overnight in the fridge.

Try this: Place a small bowl upside-down inside a larger bowl, add leftover dressed salads with kale, spinach, or other hardy leaves, and cover. The dressing will drain to the bottom of the larger bowl and the leaves will maintain their crispness. In the morning, your salad will be ready-made for lunch.

Give it a try! Or better yet, leave your salad prepped but undressed and ready to go in the morning.

Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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