Healthy vs. Nutritious

bentology, bento, laptop, lunches, lunch, box, boxes, containers, ideas, laptop lunches, pasta, shells, container, cookedWe practice mindfulness in our words and actions; and we think we know what we mean when we say healthy, natural, and nutritious... but we might be wrong. 

As the Washington Post points out: when it comes to food, we have to be more careful with our words. 

In their recent article, "No Food is Healthy," they say it's important to be mindful of how language, especially that in advertising and marketing, can skew our understanding or perception of how we fuel our bodies. 

But as they note, "given the infinitely malleable language of food, it’s no wonder American food shoppers are confused." And we make choices about food many times a day.

Here is an example: Imported Italian pasta shells, shown above in the XL Container from our Prep n' Store Container Set. Pasta is one of those things that people feel is "bad." Yet pasta is not something you need to avoid to maintain your health, otherwise there would be 60 million unwell Italians.

As a high-glycemic index carbohydrate, pasta should be eaten in smaller portions than Americans may be used to—and it should accompany proteins, a good fat, and some additional, more favorable carbohydrates. A typical Italian dinnertime meal would include a salad and main dish of lean chicken or fish with vegetables along with their side dish of pasta. Balance and proper portions—sound familiar?

We also love to mix slightly undercooked, chilled pasta with vegetables and vinaigrette dressings, beans, lean fish, ...the possibilities are endless. 


Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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