Lengthen the Life of Tossed Salads

bentology, bento, laptop, lunches, lunch, box, boxes, containers, ideas, laptop lunches, healthy, nutritious , salad, leftovers, lettuce, tomatoes, seeds, dressed, avocado, sunflower, lemonIt happens. 

You're mixing up a salad of tender baby spinach and other powerhouse supergreens.

You've tossed in some chopped veggies, tomatoes, a little fruit — raisins or apples, perhaps — some chopped hard cheese like cheddar, some avocado, and whatever else you have left on hand from chopping lunches: cucumber ends, diced red pepper, chopped or shredded carrots.

Ideally, you will portion out exactly how much you'll need, then you'll dress it.

But salad doesn't always go according to plan. Before you end up tossing any usable leftovers into the trash after your meal, give this storage tip a try. 

How to

  • Use the medium lidded bento containers and invert it inside a  round-bottomed bowl.
  • Place salad leftovers on top and around the upside-down container and cover. 
  • The dressing will fall down away from the leaves and salad bits.

Voilà! Salad for lunch the next day for lunch! 

Try yesterday's greens under a quick-fried egg for a yummy breakfast. 

Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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