Perfect Your Portions of Leftover Pizza

Portion Perfect Leftover Pizza with Salad and a few chocolate chips

The Beauty of Perfecting Your Portions? You Can Eat Almost Anything!

The best pizza leftovers are the ones in your perfect portions.

Portion control, together with physical exercise, is the best way to lose weight and keep it off permanently. And leftover pizza is no exception!

Limit your toppings to 3-5 items, go for a whole wheat crust, use your XL bento box container to store it and tote it to work. And enjoy a side salad jam packed into two medium lidded containers, that contain portions of veggies and fruit—here, tomatoes and apples.

And sure, a few semi-sweet chocolate chips with our coffee after lunch will satisfy any cravings without going crazy on the sugar.


  • Leftover pizza, with 3-5 toppings
  • Side salad of iceberg and spinach lettuces, celery, red bell peppers, apples and tomatoes, dressed.
  • Chocolate chips, semi-sweet, in your bento's smallest lidded container.


Have leftover dressed salad? Don't throw it out! Store it in a large bowl with a smaller bowl inverted inside the larger one. Spoon your leftover salad over the inverted bowl and the dressing will sink to the bottom of the large bowl, and your tender lettuces won't soak in it overnight. Not sure? Give it a try.

Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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