Portion Perfect Lunch with Artichokes, Fresh Corn, and Rice

A Portion Perfect Meal with Artichokes and Fresh Corn, Rice and Apple on the side, with vinaigrette

Portion Perfect Meal with Artichokes and Fresh Corn, Rice, Vinaigrette, and Apple

Check out this cool, summer lunch we love — packing the artichoke as our source of protein.

We also love that it's the simple leftovers from last night's great dinner.


  • Artichokes, with the leaves left on the choke
  • Corn, trimmed from the cob
  • Steamed rice, cooled
  • Apple slices, drizzled with lemon for vitamin C and it keeps the color fresh
  • Vinaigrette—here we've got balsamic, but red wine and dijon is wonderful, too

Pack it up with a cool pack and it'll stay fresh for hours.

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Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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