Show a Little Love to the Person Who Deserves It The Most. You.

Care of the Self starts with a great bento box lunch

Show a little love this Valentine's Day to the person who's most deserving of it: You.

Being truly loving to others and caring for them starts with self-love, and self-care.

Be selfish. Here's how.

Our physical, spiritual and emotional selves are interconnected, so give yourself the gift of time. All of these tips follow on from that commitment to the self. Whether it's spending time and attention on preparing meals that nourish your body and your spirit, or allowing time and space for your mind to settle, relax, and grow.

Top Ten Ways To Love Yourself.

  1. Good food. It's always top of our list. And eating them in the perfect portions for you, together with exercise is the single most effective tool for weight loss and maintenance. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 500 or just maintain a healthy equilibrium, focus on fresh whole foods and avoid sugar, greasy fried foods, alcohol and drugs. The effect is both immediate and cumulative—meaning you feel better immediately, and much better over the longer term.  My Portion Perfect offers caring support!
  2. Rest—better yet, meditate. The body heals itself most effectively during sleep. Manage stress with meditation and...
  3. Exercise! This should also help you with getting a good night's sleep. Look for things you love doing, and that make you feel good. It may not sound exciting, but these top three things can make a world of difference in how you feel, function and see yourself in the world.
  4. Spend some time alone every day. We don't mean be lonely, just alone, in solitude, a time when you can clear your mind with no distractions. It allows for deeper thought process, which increases creativity and productivity. With time to think, or not think at all, you can discover your real feelings and your true voice when the time comes to speak. If this is difficult, start by spending some time each day disconnected from devices and screens and find your focus. If it works for you, get up early and get to work earlier—you can be more productive and it sets the tone for the entire day.
  5. Read books and the newspaper. Become involved in and connected with your community. You just might make some new...
  6. Friendships. Cultivate your friendships, as there are few things greater in life than a good friend. Work on being one, too.
  7. Goals. Set some and work toward them. Whether it's weight loss, a new job, or enriching your relationships–with goal-setting, reaching milestones will foster and encourage inner strength.
  8. Save your money. Probably the most important advice women can get, regardless of where they are in life. Start where you are, and put 10% of your earnings aside, invest it, and protect it. It may be small to start, but this and compound interest will protect you throughout life from the whims of others, whether they be partners, employers, landlords, etc. Without financial resources you will always be at the mercy of someone else.
  9. Appearance. It might seem trivial, but even on difficult days try to look your best. Now, we know what it feels like to be covered in spit up, so no judgment—ever. But when you're feeling particularly low it is even more important to make an effort, as it can lift your mood and alter how others perceive you. Plus, you will catch sight of yourself reflected in windows or mirrors and things won't seem as bad as they might otherwise feel.
  10. Focus on your strengths and look to the future!

Give some thought to how you might better take care of and support yourself, and put a manageable plan into action.

And really make use of your Portion Perfect system, to help you lose or maintain your weight in a systematic and healthy way!

Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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