Want True and Lasting Weight Loss? Rewrite Your Story

Portion Perfect helps you with your weight loss goals, here it's super easy with spinach and arugula leaves radishes, a whole wheat bun with seeds and multigrain, roasted organic chicken breast and a minneola tangerine orange in a portion perfect bento from bentology

It’s not hard to see the power of narrative in our lives, how the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shape who we become. As is often the case with us human beings, this phenomenon is often easier to perceive in other people.

It's possible to rewrite the story of your life, as a recent Psychology Today cover story suggests.

Not only is it possible, as author Susan Gregory Thomas, asserts; it’s actually necessary in order to overcome the trials, failures, setbacks and losses that are a normal part of human life.

“A growing body of research finds that, on paper or out loud, reviewing setbacks with the fresh eyes of distance can help people come to terms with who they've been, better envision who they want to be, and find a way to make a course correction,” writes Thomas. For more on rewriting your present, check out their insightful tips and tricks.

This encouraging idea has great implications for those people for whom weight loss or control has been a longtime concern. By rewriting the story of how we stay on the path of healthy choices, and overcoming the difficulties along the way, we stay connected to our weight loss and health and wellness goals as an intrinsic part of our identity—not as something external to be struggled with, but as a way of taking greater control of the fuel we feed our bodies.

Not only is it possible, but it’s totally doable.  And with your Portion Perfect system, with its infinite variety for food choices in portions that are perfect for you, it’s a breeze to incorporate healthy eating into the new, more focused story of your life.

Or, as Thomas suggests, “start to embody a different story.”

Put a new spin on your life as a success story: Let your Portion Perfect Weight Loss System help you with your weight loss goals.

Shown above, it's super easy with spinach and arugula leaves, radishes, multigrain bread with nuts and seeds, roasted organic chicken breast, and a tangerine orange to round out a perfect, delicious and satisfying meal.

Rewrite your Weight Loss Story with a Portion Perfect Bento Set.  Let your Portion Perfect bento take all the guesswork out of what can be an overwhelming and complex process. Let your best effort shine.

Anna Dietze
Anna Dietze


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