Our Story

Bentology (formerly Laptop Lunches Bento-ware) was founded by California mom Tammy Pelstring in the winter of 2002. Located in Santa Cruz, CA, the company was established with the mission of helping families improve lunchtime nutrition while reducing waste. The first bento-ware collection was geared at school-aged children, but it was not long until their collection was used as a tool for portion control, and achieving a well-balanced, healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Knowing that many people used the containers for portion control and weight-loss, Bentology spent the last decade perfecting the Portion Perfect Complete Weight-Loss Plan. Broken into 4 easy to follow steps, the plan is based on common sense and it’s easy to understand. It is a holistic approach to transitioning to a healthy lifestyle.

Originally launched in January 2015 with one product, the Portion Perfect line has expanded with more products, and its own dedicated website filled with educational content, menus, recipes and tips to stay motivated.