Portion Perfect Meal Plan Worksheet

After calculating your daily caloric need, select the corresponding meal plan below, and print yourself a copy. Using the containers from your Portion Perfect Weight-Loss Kit, measure out your food for each meal and snack, based on your plan. Keep track of your portions by checking them off as you eat them.

On your meal plan, we’ve included a “Daily Journal” section where you can write about the food you’ve eaten, exercise you’ve done, and what you’ve had to drink. You can also use those sections to write about what you plan to eat, drink and do for exercise that day. At the bottom is an extra “Notes” section to write down how you feel, accomplishments you’ve made or anything else that’s on your mind.

By filling out your plan each day, it will be easier to stay on track, meaning, you will see the results you’re looking for much sooner!

Printable Meal Plan A HERE Printable Meal Plan B HERE Printable Meal Plan C HERE


Portion Perfect Container Key - Meal Planning

Tip: You can either follow your meal plan exactly as it's laid out, or you can use it as a guide and move some of the portions around to different meals or snacks throughout the day. Just make sure that you balance out how much you eat so you don't find yourself too hungry at any point in the day.