Success Stories

 Summer got back to her pre-pregnancy weight

"I have more confidence; feel like my body is stronger and more full of energy than ever before – especially when I’m showing up the neighborhood kids on the jump rope; but never feel like I’m on a weight loss plan!"

"As a working mom, I was given plenty of excuses for not getting back into shape and figured the muffin top I had developed was a permanent fixture. Luckily, I came across the Portion Perfect diet which has benefited myself as well as my family: I make better choices at the store for my entire family; I haven’t had to eat “diet” foods or explain to my kids why mommy’s on a diet; I have easily scheduled in 30 minutes of exercise every night while the kids are sleeping; and my body is now strong enough to keep up with my kids."

Kelly lost 25 lbs, and dropped 4 pant sizes

"This was the easiest, least amount of pressure from a weight-loss plan. I feel like I am educated for life and I would love to pass on the information to others so they can have the same positive results I saw!"

"I loved how easy it was to prep meals that lasted an entire week! The Portion Perfect helped me visually see how much of each food group I was supposed to intake each day. It offered new alternatives to the processed foods I used to purchase. Eventually, I even stopped craving those processed meals. Now I feel like I have the knowledge to create my own meal plans and continue on a path of healthy living. Even exercising everyday became an easy routine!"